Electronic Cigarettes from The E Cigarette Company 



Electronic Cigarettes:


THE E CIGARETTE COMPANY was set up specifically to sell electronic cigarettes; the most amazing invention for smokers!

In summary, the electronic cigarette looks like a cigarette, produces smoke like a cigarette, but is not harmful.  It gives the smoker the sensation of smoking but contains none of the harmful substances that traditional cigarettes do such as tar.  The electronic cigarette can be smoked anywhere!  It is also a MUCH cheaper option than traditional smoking.


  • MUCH HEALTHIER THAN TRADITIONAL CIGARETTES.  They still contain nicotine which is, of course, addictive, but none of the other harmful ingredients that standard cigarettes contain.
  • MUCH CHEAPER - if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you could save OVER £1900 A YEAR if you smoke the equivalent in electronic cigarette refill cartridges
  • BEATING THE SMOKING BAN - you can legally smoke electronic cigarettes in pubs, bars, restaurants, trains, buses and planes!

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