E Cig Troubleshooting

E Cig Troubleshooting



PROBLEM - “My e cig is not producing vapour”



·          Have you changed the refill cartridge to a new one?  It will take a few inhales for the vapour to come through

·          Is the battery flashing?  If so, re-charge the battery

·          Ensure the battery and atomiser are screwed tightly together.  A poor contact can cause the e cig to stop producing vapour

·          The atomiser may need to be replaced.  If you have a second atomiser, try it with your e cig.  If vapour is produced with your second atomiser, then the first atomiser may have failed.

·          Does the end of the battery light up when you draw on the e cig?  If not, see separate battery information below.



PROBLEM – “My e cig is leaking liquid”



·          Remove the brown mouthpiece (containing the refill).  Dab the refill with a piece of kitchen roll and do the same with the atomiser to remove the excess residue.  Clean the atomiser out with pressurised air if you have some and then reassemble.

·          Try to use and also store the e cig in a horizontal position to prevent leakage

·          Swap your atomiser over – sometimes if the atomiser has failed or the battery isn’t charged, this can cause the e cig to leak liquid as it is not atomising properly.



PROBLEM – “My battery is not working”



When you inhale, does the battery light up at the end?  If not try the following:

·          Re-charge the battery

·          If this still doesn’t work, then unscrew the battery from the atomiser.  Put the screw end of the battery in your mouth and draw on it.  Sometimes the pressure switch inside the battery can stick – this action will release it.  Draw and then blow on the battery several times (you should hear the pressure switch click in and out).  Then reassemble the e cig


For more advice please see our electronic cigarette information page.


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